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Clinical Decision Support

GELLO Expression Language

Definition: An Object-Oriented Query and Expression Language for Clinical Decision Support

The GELLO Expression Language was started in 2001 and introduced in 2002; in 2005, GELLO was adopted as an international standard by HL7 International and ANSI for a decision support language. GELLO Release 2 was completed and approved by ANSI in June 2010.
The GELLO specifications have been developed in coordination with the HL7 Clinical Decision Support TC (CDSTC)

GELLO is a class-based object-oriented programming language and a relative of the Object Constraint Language (OCL). OCL is a well-developed constraint language that makes it an attractive use as an expression language. The intention was for GELLO to evolve as a standard query and expression language for decision support.

GELLO creates the potential for many decision support options, as the full array of atomic patient data is greatly accessible to complement better, safer clinical decision making by health professionals. Furthermore this enables specialist clinicians to customize their current systems and create flexible purpose built decision support systems.

Standardization of GELLO it has made this language compatible with the HL7 version 3.0 Reference Information Model (RIM). GELLO uses an abstract "virtual medical record" (vMR) so that the same GELLO code can run on multiple systems accessing data stored in different formats. The vMR is a simplified view of the HL7 RIM.

Medical-Objects Proudly Build on Standards


The GELLO Standard and Medical-Objects

Medical-Objects produced the first GELLO compiler in clinical use and uses GELLO for Guidelines(using GLIF or Guideline Interchange Format), constraints, validation and calculated fields in Archetype data entry. It is also used to create complex data series for graphing or statistical analysis.

Standards Based Solutions and Medical-Objects

Medical Objects has an active standards-based research and development program. It is represented at HL7 and Standards Australia nationally and HL7 internationally where it has responsibility for v1.1 of the decision support language GELLO. Other standards, namely HL7 V2, Snomed-CT, CEN 13606 (Archetypes) and the CCR/CCD (Health record summaries), are used as platforms for the various editors and development tools that Medical-Objects uses and shares with other for refinement.

GELLO, Clinical Decision Support and Medical-Objects

GELLO is a robust typed object-orientated Clinical Decision Support language. It contains Snomed-CT classes and methods to really leverage the knowledge in the concept model. It is also used on the information model side to enable electronic decisions that derive from real-time HL7 data, such as pathology results as well as archetyped data or from a Virtual Medical Record (vMR). Medical-Objects also uses GELLO to make 'Smarter' archetypes.